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Ubuntu Server/Samba as a domain file server with NTFS volumes


I just installed an Ubuntu 10.04 server on my main file server and I've got a few questions regarding integration with a Windows domain.

I was previously using Windows Server 2008 R2 on the box, but decided to go Ubuntu due to iSCSI and NFS export options, as well as other open source daemons.

1) Can I join the server to the domain so that domain user accounts can be resolved and authenticate correctly with the same permissions defined in the domain?

2) I have several multi-TB NTFS volumes with LOTS of data on them on the Ubuntu server... given the above item is possible, is there any way to export the volume with Samba and ensure that Samba authenticates to the domain too?

3) Correct NTFS permissions are already set on the volume as it Windows Server was previously installed on the box. Is there any way to get Ubuntu to read these set NTFS permissions and authenticate users against the domain?

Also, do you have any recommendations?

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[1] Yep. The link at http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Linux/Distributions/Ubuntu/Q_26205582.html  shows how.

[2] I'm reasonably sure Ubuntu can read NTFS volumes and understand their security.

[3] using the process outlined here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217009 you cna read & write to NTFS drives
Regarding 2) Can you find anything that explains this? I can't seem to :(
Actually, after re-reading the link in [3], it's irrelevant whether Ubuntu can read-write NTFS; follow the directions for that link and it will.
Well, hmm. I joined the server to the domain and followed all instructions but I still can't access file shares. Any idea?
Unfortunately, I was never able to get the server running and authenticating to the domain as it should have. :-( Any ideas?
>I still can't access file shares.

So you can't access the Samba shares on your Linux box from a Windows client on the network? Do you get any error messages?

Regards, Tobias