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compile Python

I am new to Python. I usually run a Python program by "python xxx.py". Nothing is generated in this way. How can I compile a Python program so that the compile errors could be shown?

BTW, I am using Python 2.5.2-3.
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you can use
pychecker http://pychecker.sourceforge.net/
 pylint http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pylint

Both tools don't compile, but report errors and warn about things, which you might consider changing.
if all your code and your modules contain the

if __name__ ==  "__main__":
  your main code

then you could also just use python -m

your file is called myprog.py

then just type

python -m myprog


gelonida, I tried "python -m xxx.py" and the Python program is without "if __name__ ==  "__main__":". A .pyc could still be generated.
concerning my first comment:
"Both tools don't compile,".
I meant. both tools do a little more than 'just compile'

Apart from that.

There is also a module named

if all your codde is below a certain directory tree you can do:
1.) create a small script compall.py following contents:
import compileall

2.) call this script
Hi igotaquestion,

yes, the pyc is created, but all code will also be executed.

this might not always be your intention especially with programs running a long task
or performing tasks which you did not want to run for compling'

Just to show you what I mean:

create a fil with following line:
print "This could need very long or format your hard disk"

and type python -m filename # without the .py suffix.

you will see the printed out message (and not even create a .pyc)

using compileall as suggested in post 32977252 will compile 'without executng'
To compile only one file use
import py_compile


gelonida, what is the difference between "python -m test.py" and "python -m test"?
'm using python 2.6.4
With my python version the difference is rather simple.

python -m test
works if the file is called test.py

python -m test.py
doesn't and aborts with
No module named test.py

By the way:
I recommend to NOT use the filename test.py  , as 'test' is already a preexisting python package name.
If you don't use test you avoid potential conflicts and strange behaviour.