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Expression Web Design/Layout Problem

I have a simple web site designed using Expression Web.  During design, each page looks fine -- content is properly placed in the dynamic template (dwt) to the right of the master page's left hand menu.

But when the page is previewed in a browser, the content material is not correctly placed.  It appears ful width and below the master page content.  (See http://www.somerspointyachtclub.com  and scroll down to see how content image appears below master page.

The site was OK until I recently tried to add some content to one of the pages,  That action must have changed a property, setting or code that I wasn't aware of.


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I would first verify that this is not a browser version (IE6 vs IE7 etc,) problem by testing with the MS Expession Web Super Preview tool discussed and referenced in this link:

Where you go from there depends on test results.
James MurrellProduct Specialist

all lloks ok now


Well, I thonk ypu've put me on a track.  You say yjay all looks OK -- what browser/version.  I'm using IE8 and see the problem.  Yet checking from another system with IE7, it looks OK.

Come to think of it I may have upgraded to IE8 after I did the original layout in Expression Web.

Think that woudl make a difference?  Know of any Expression - IE8 issues/

Still working on that SuperPreview tool you suggested.


I've added the following meta tag to the master.dwt page in the <head> section as suggested by http://expression.microsfot.ocm/en-us/dd835379(printer).aspx 

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE7"/>
Still doesn't preview correctly in IE8.

Also having a problem with SuperPreview -- says it can't navigate to page.
Al Stroughton,
The link you provided is not valid.

So your layout works in IE7, but not IE8.  And the SuperPreview throws an error....can't navigate to page...

it appears that your problem is browser specific to the IE8 browser.  Off the top of my head, the one thing that I remember about IE7 vs IE8 is that  IE7 defaults to 32 bit and IE8 defaults to 64 bits.  I will look into this further tomorrow.


That's correct, you have decribed  the problems.
I appreciate your attention: I;ll be looking too.


Here's that link re; IE8 Rendering Modes

You left out a space after "IE=7"  in your meta tag
correct tag.......             <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />
your tag...........             <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE7"/>
just copy and paste the correct tag over your tag


Good eyeball on the tag.  I made the change with no change in the problem when previewing locally.  So I published the updated page to the host site and tried the URL.  No change; same problem.

The I decide to View Source on the displayed page and was surprised to see that the new meta tag had not been downloaded.  

This I don't understand -- investigating.

But the new curiosity is that it's not a pure IE8 problem.  I'm using IE8 on an XP/SP3 system and I see the problem.

But when I view using IE8 on a Win 7 Sytem, the page looks OK -- no problem.

Do I have bad IE* on the SP system or are there XP - IE8 issues that I'm not aware of.
Off the top of my head, the only issue that I am aware of is that some of the IE7 drivers have not been updated to run on IE8 v 64 bits, and if you are using the 64 bit version of IE8, you may need to switch to the 32 bit version of IE8.

Just for kicks, you should try this meta tag instead of the one you used and see if that helps..
            <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />


Hmmmm.  That other tag didn't seem to do anything.  

You've put me in the ballpark and I'm willing to assign you the points.  Not sure what I'll look at next but if you want to give m some contact info, I'll keep you in the loop if this thread is closed.
Thanks for sticking with it.


Latest input FYI.

I just tried SuperPreview again (on the XP machine).  SIte looks OK in the IE8 pane.

Go figure!  Maybe I should try to go back to IE7 or Firefox on this XP setup.  This is nutty.
Which meta tag did you use that looks good in IE8 pane of SuperPreview?
In re: close and awarding points.....leave the question open until you are satisfied with the info provided.


It's the original page source code.  None of the "compatibility" tags we've discussed.

I unloaded IE8 (back to 7) and will re-install IE8 for 1 more try on the suspicion that I had a corrupt installation.

Of course, everything seems fine in 7.


Suggested solution put me into the correct ballpark.  Fianl analysis revealed a buggy installation of IE8.  Uninsatll.re-install solved the problem.  Solution provider alsp provided good info re: browser compatibility issues and suggested tools.
Glad your problem is resolved.  Thanks for points and grade.