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force tablet PC mode on windows 7 with a keyboard connected

gelonida asked

I have a windows7 PC.

Currently it wll automatically be in Tablet-PC mode if no keyboard is conneted.

With tablet-PC mode I mean for example, that I can enter a password with a pointer device (mouse, touchscreen, graphics tablet)

However as soon as I connect a keyboard this option/feature disappears.

Is there any way to force windows 7 to allow password entries via a pointer device even if there is a keyboard connected?

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Try this....  
From the Control Panel, Tablet PC Settings, "Other" tab, "Go to Input Panel Settings" link.   On my Tablet PC, I've got all the checkboxes checked except for "show the tab while the pen is out of range".
Thanks for your answer.
I'll try tomorrow
thanks a lot it works fine today.

In fact it seems the problem disappeared or one of my dear fellow workers changed the setup without telling me.