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Windows 7 Desktop icons disappear after renaming.

drose101 asked

Just installed in Win7 Ultimate (works great).  Whenever I right-click a Desktop icon and "Rename," the icon disappears.  Ctrl+z restores the icon.  Scanned for viruses with Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and Avast.

Anyone have a specific, concrete answer?  Thank you in advance.
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After you rename, try right clicking on an empty space on the dekstop and drop down to "refresh" this should load the icon with the new name.

Now, about fixing this. You can try to disable the UAC to see if it resolves it, to do this do the following:

1) Click on the Start Button and type "User Account Control" and hit enter
2) When the UAC settings box appears, move the slider to Never Notify
3) Click OK.

Then try it out, see if it works. If it does not, try creating a new user account and using that user to determine if it's just that user's profile.
You know, one thing you can do to is try and changing a registry setting.

Open up regedit and navigate to:


Change the NoActiveDesktop to 0 and try it out and see if it still happens.
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Try flushing the icon cache and let windows rebuild it on next startup.


Thank you all for your help.