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Outlook 2007 Cached Mode - Over the size limit message delayed when sending

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When using Outlook 2007 in cached mode and a user tries to send a message when they are over the mailbox size limit, the warning that they can't send doesn't come up for 30 or 45 seconds. This is becoming quite frustrating as you can imagine. The user believes the message sent and runs to a meeting or heads home, only to experience the message didn't send due to the restriction.

The Exchange 2007 servers are very robust and not near capacity, I don't suspect performance or network related issues are causing this. I believe it is due to cached mode not talking directly to the server. Any suggestions to prevent this would be helpful.
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Troubleshoot 1 : Remove if any outlook add-ins are installed.

Troubleshoot 2 : Remove if any unwanted rules for send and recieve

Troubleshoot 3 : Check the size of Offline file folder. Unicode OST files can store up to 20 gigabytes (GB) of data

Troubleshoot 4 :
The timing of synchronization communications between Outlook and Exchange Server has been optimized by using synchronization timers.

You can change these synchronization timer values by creating and by modifying the following registry keys and values under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Cached Mode registry key:

Upload=dword:0000000f (default is 15 seconds).
Download=dword:0000001e (default is 30 seconds)
Maximum=dword:0000003c (default is 60 seconds)

The following features depends on network access and hence it can cause delays in Outlook (Cached mode) unless users have fast connections to Exchange data, so it is sugessted to limit those usage.
1. Delegate access (Accessing of e-mail by delegates )
2. Opening another user's calendar or folder
3. Using a public folder that has not been cached  
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We ended up modifying each users registry to connect more frequently with the exchange server. The registry entries provided was a big help.