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Any problems moving a Hyper-V VHD from an IDE controller to a SCSI controller?

I have a Windows Server 2003 Std Ed VM running on a Windows Server 2008 Std Ed Host. I'm wondering if there are any problems I might run into if I do the following. Has anyone done this successfully and did you have problems:
1. Shutdown the VM and detach the VHD from IDE Controller 0
2. Install a SCSI Controller and attach that same VHD to it
3. Boot the VM and do a couple reboots to finish installing the new hardware

I'm trying to increase the performance of the VM. Here's additional background as a side note if anyone cares to make a suggestion on this as well:
- The 2003 VM runs a vert app and SQL DB
- Both host and guest OSes run on a beefy server and a single RAID 5 array
- A separate 4 disk RAID 10 array was installed in the host server
- Documents that resided on another physical server were copied to the RAID 10 array in the host OS and shared
- The vert app/SQL DB (on the RAID 5 in and in a VM) has references to the documents in the share the that resides on the RAID 10
- When clients request to open the documents through the vert app they are looked up, processed through the VM, and then delivered to the client (the clients are not deferred to the documents' location according to the software manufacturer; which would make more sense I know)
- Since the documents have been relocated the users have report performance issues in accessing these documents through the vert app client software

My plan is to:
1. Move the VM VHD to a SCSI Controller
2. Separate the VM from the host OS onto a second NIC
3. And eventually move the vert apps and SQL database to the host OS eliminating the need for the VM

All thoughts are welcome however my immediate concern is moving the VHD to a SCSI Controller.
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start with a back up. the rest should be fine. i've even moved a virtual hard disk made in virtual pc to a hyperv server with SCSI and raid. where it used to be on IDE.
I should have specified: I'm talking about virtual controllers not the physical ones. Hyper-V lets you emulate either and attach the VHD to the virtual controller(s). I've since discovered that only IDE virtual controllers are supported for the boot VHD; SCSI virtual controllers can only be used for data/additional/secondary VHDs. So this question is null and void.
why would you want to emulate SCSI?