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Best Duplicate File Remover SoftWare ?

I have very large numbers of files that because of repeated system builds have been copied all over my computers many partitions.  What is the best software for removing duplicate files that are absolutely true duplicates.   Is there any Freeware that works OR  what is the best shareware?  I have Eudora 7.0.1  that I want to use on my new Windows 7 Professional and I do not have the original install file BUT is it needed ?
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_For me_, the best one is:

- http://www.mindgems.com/products/Fast-Duplicate-File-Finder/Fast-Duplicate-File-Finder-About.htm
- Alternative: http://www.easyduplicatefinder.com/

FDFF is Kevin's (of Lifehacker) preferred tool for duplicate finder. Kevin:
" I like Fast Duplicate File Finder (FDFF) on Windows, because the free version is powerful, speedy, and accurate. I ran it on my wife's humongous cache of photos from our wedding, and found photos that were exactly the same size. FDFF also shows a preview of image files it finds, and offers some helpful filters you can apply to make copying or deleting the newest or oldest copies, for instance, very simple."

EasyDuplicateFinder is Gina's (of Lifehacker) preferred tool for duplicate finder. Here's the review :


Hope that helps :)