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How do I make my WSS 3.0 accessible from the Internet

oweathersby asked
I have a fresh installation on Windows SBS 2008.  I want to make my SharePoint Accessible from the Internet.  I know what to do as far DNS records and firewall access goes, but what do I have to specifically do in WSS and IIS on the server to make it work?

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Omar W.
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If you've properly run the internet address management wizard, your companyweb website is already available on port 987 of the RWW domain name you chose during the wizard. You may need to forward port 987 from your router.

More on the IAMW and the changes it makes:

Go to Central Administration, select Operations, and the configure the Alternate Address Mappings.


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That article was very helpful with some other parts of SBS also.  The remote office access part is great.  I will seee if I acn get that working.  Do you know what port that opens to?  WSS is on port 987, but what about the remote office page?

Thanks again