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Magento, How To Move Grouped Products Table on Product Page

Lenny_Peng asked
I'm currently running Magento 1.4.1.

What I am looking to do is move the table away from the right hand side of the image and place it below the More Views images (see attached image). The add to cart button has to be moved to the top right of the table too.

I have looked through the catalog.xml page in app/design/frontend/default/my_theme/layout/ but can’t seem to figure out what portions of the page I need to move and where to move them to.

Ideally I would like all other product types (apart from grouped) to keep the layout they currently have, but if that is not possible or much more complex I am fine with altering the layout of all product pages as almost all of my products need to be grouped and if the need arises i can just create a group for 1 simple product and deal with it.
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Please attach the image
I think you missed the image

I've figured out how to solve the problem. Thanks anyway