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WIX Installer Question

ktola asked
So I have read and properly setup my WIX project in Visual Studio 2010 to utilize the 4.0 framework (here is the link I used - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3017805/how-do-i-make-a-wix-3-5-installer-with-a-completely-self-contained-net-4-0-insta/3029581) and when I compile the project, I get an MSI, the setup.exe and two folders - DotNetFX40 and WindowsInstaller3_1 which I expected to see.

So here is my question - what do I copy out to Production?  People will be clicking on a hyperlink that will launch the MSI file and they will be able to either download or run the MSI on their local computer.  Given that:
      1. Do I need to copy these folders into the same directory as the MSI file?
                   a. If this is the case, is the MSI file capable of figuring out where to look for these folders or do I need to change the WIX configuration to point to them via absolute URLs?
     2. If not then how does the MSI know where to look for these other EXE files?

     I guess I do not understand how the bootstrapper knows where to look for the files it needs to install the .NET 4.0 framework and I was hoping somebody could explain that to me given the scenario I described.  Thanks!  
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The msi should hold the paths for any external dependencies and be relative or absolute, depending on how you have things configured.
IF you do any special processing, you will actually want to have people run the setup.exe and not the MSI due to UAC issues.


WHen you say "depending on how I have things configured", what do you mean?  How do I make things relative paths in the XML?