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veritas append or overwrite?

07221972 asked
I have been using veritas for a while now backing up to tapes.  I have never had a problem until I started backing up to disk.  I have an external USB disk and backup to it using veritas, I do a full on Friday and diffs for the weekdays mon-thurs.  Do I set the full to overwrite and the diffs to append?

I want to be able to inventory the drive and catalog the job to restore at any time.  I have to keep changing out the drives because we have to keep the backups for 5 years each week we use a new drive.  Cost is not an issue for us.

Should I be setting the Overwrite protection period?  and to what?


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Yes, set the full to overwrite and the diffs to append but it sounds like it shouldn't matter since you are taking the drives offsite after every thursday backup?

You'll need to setup a new backup to disk folder on each drive you add to your inventory, so theoretically every Friday before the first Friday full backup.  After you setup the B2D folder, you can inventory the drive any time.

You can set the overwrite protection to infinite so the drives can't ever be overwritten (without adminiatrative intervention) and set the append protection period to 7 days so you can get the rest of the set for M-Th onto the tape.
With the information you have provided, the overwrite period you will require is 5 years. Append period would be one week or the number of days between the first full and the last differentail for the week.

You will only be able to inventory that which is available on the current disk you have attached.

If Cost is not an issue why not look at entry level iSCSI based SAN using SATA disks and use dedupe to keep copies of your data secure and online for the desired timeframe?