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Juniper SRX100B or similar

Hello Guys,

I am looking into the above firewall.

Just wondering how does it compare to the cisco asa 5505? Could someone guide.

Also what kind web/content filtering does it provide. I am looking for something dedicated where all filtering happens on the device and then get forwarded to the internet (http/https traffic)

Will this device handle that?
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In short yes is does what you want bud. For the comparison on the ASA I have no real experience on them sadly. I would have a look at the datasheets to confirm the specs.

Note that the sex 100 is the smallest of the sex range and there are bigger, more powerful units above the 100
The SRX100 (not sex) is not going to do what you want.  I just ordered the Juniper SSGs as new firewalls because the Juniper rep admitted the SRX is full of bugs and still basically in development.  A lot of the VPN and NAT features are buggy or broken.  Sadly, the SRX isn't there YET...  It will be in the next year or so, but for now I would take the SRX off your list.

If you visiting the Juniper forums you will numerous people complaining about what I just mentioned.  You should provide more detailed information about how big your network is and just how granular you want the filtering to be.  The SSG line has support for websense, but the standard web filtering it does actually sucks.  I tried to block facebook on my SSG 5 at home to keep my girlfrend from monopolizing my laptop but that failed.  Depending on your budget you may want an appliance like bluecoat.

I have deployed something called Clarkeconnect (no called something else) in offices with around 50 users.  It uses something called Dan's Guardian.  It's a open-source (free) Linux OS that loads on any PC.  It acts as a basic firewall along with some other stuff.