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Can't Connect to Exchange 2003 OWA

Djrobluv asked
Ok, just got my first Blackberry Device. We are running Exchange 2003. I have Exchange setup so I can access OWA from the browser. I tried setting up the email account on my Blackberry Bold and I checked all the settings and passwords and everything is correct. The blackberry tells me that the username or password is not correct. I triple checked the settings and everything is correct. I checked the Exchange server and I see a event log that says Unknown user or bad password. I'm besides myself now. I was able to connect to my clients exchange server with no problem. I have no idea what this problem is. I hope someone can shed some light on this issue.
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you have blackberry setup through your isp or do you host your own blackberry enterprise server (bes) ?


No bes

Which type of mail account are you setting up?  You may need to enter your username as either DOMAIN\username or username@activedirectorydomain.com (or @activedirectorydomain.local).  Make sure you aren't providing your full email address as your username if your internal domain is not the same as your public domain name.
IE: if your internald domain name is company.local but your public domain name is company.com
Use username@company.local -or- COMPANY\username -OR- username

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If you are in US

Google search for


t-mobile is

Create a new account - enter the details.
Activate your account.

Login to the web console of your BES account

Click add email address


Hey sunnyc7 I tried that already and that didn't work either. @rehamris we are not running SBS2003 so there is not .LOCAL after the domain. And I have tried Domain\username, username, username@domain.com. Like I said I can log into OWA from a web browser with no problem. I can setup a email account at another clients office with no problem. (Client is using SBS2003) Don't know if that makes a difference. everything I'm entering is correct, just don't know why its coming up with incorrect username or bad password. I tried using another users account to setup but I get the same thing with their credentials. Could there be something on the Exchange Server that's not checked?
Well, I finally figured out the problem with this situation. I found a article on the Blackberry website that has you log into you Outlook Web access account and on the bottom left hand corner of the browser you see the path to the link you are clicked on (Inbox) they said the name of your mailbox is before the # in the path. Now I'm thinking my mailbox name would be my name. I guess since I'm a administrator on the domain somehow my mailbox name is sysadmin. I entered that name and the account setup. It's weird but I guess whatever works. Thanks for the help.