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SNMP not responding alerts from EMC smarts software

We currently are monitoring multiple clients servers with EMC smarts software.   .Smarts software monitors snmp and generates an alert when it can not effectly communicate with the server's snmp.  This  alert is randomly  generated on each of the clients on a specific number of the windows servers. When the wintel technican logs on to the wintel server they see that the snmp service is in a listening state.   The method that each of the clients uses to resolve  it is to restart snmp on the windows server.   Once snmp is restarted,  the smarts alert clears.  

      One of the client installed a third party software package so they could validate whether the issue was with smarts or that snmp was not responding as smarts alerted.   They found that they could not communicate with snmp on the windows using the silvercreek software until after  the snmp service was restarted on the windows server.   They see nothing in their event logs to indicate the reason that snmp needs to be restart so smarts can communicate with it.  

     Each of the clients now realize that others are getting the snmp not responding alert on a small subset of their windows servers. They are asking smarts support group if other companies using the smarts software have experienced similar issues where smarts generates alerts for snmp not responsing.   If so, what action has been taken to eliminate these snmp not responding alerts?  What action was taken on the windows server or the smart software to resolve this issue.   They would like to stop alerts being generated at various of the day/night that requires a technican to be called to restart a service.

     I've asked  EMC if smarts can take an action of restarting a remote windows snmp service when it get an snmpn ot responding alert.  EMC has stated that smarts can not restart a snmp service on a remote wimndows server.

     Any information concerning other that have experienced this issue and what has been done to resolve it will be appreciated.

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Does EMC Smarts have the ability to run a script on detection of an alert? And what OS is EMC Smarts running on?


The EMC smarts solftware is running on Solaris.  The EMC vendor has communicated that smarts software is not able to run a script to restart the snmp service on  a remote windows server when it gets the alert.
The only way that's springing to mind is kind of convoluted.

The logic goes like this:
The EMC Smarts server writes a file to the server (say, the one holding the Windows PDC Emulator role). The file contains only the IP address of the server from which the EMC isn't receiving SNMP information.
The PDC Emulator has a scheduled task that looks for that file.
If that file is detected, the script on the PDC Emulator pulls the IP address from the file and runs PSSERVICE \\{ip} start "SNMP service"
If that returns OK, the file written by the EMC box is deleted, otherwise send a trap to the EMC, which THEN pages the on-call.

Like I saidm convoluted, and it's not foolproof - if the PDC Emulator is the server with the SNMP problem and it doesn't restart, you're kind of screwed.


no workable solution.  no further replys.  closing