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Easy way to read/set config file values?

jbbarnes asked
Can someone recommend an easy way to get a value out of a "standard" config file without a lot of parsing?

Most config files I deal with are some variation of this format:

# This is a comment line
key1 = value1
key2 = value2

Or often without the equals sign.

; This is a comment line
key1   value1
key2   value2

I know I can open the file and parse out anything I need, but it's a lot of extra code. Just wondering if there is a unix utility or BASH command to do it. Something like:

getval -f /etc/myfile.conf -k key1

that will handle most types of config files and can find values and ignore comments.

If not, how about a couple of unix commands piped to each other? If it's anything that can be typed at the prompt, then I could execute it within perl and php scripts and capture the return value.

Naturally, it would also be great to have a one-liner that will update a value in a config file.


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If they are in the form


then you can simple do

. /etc/myfile.conf

Note that is a dot and a space followed by /etc/myfile.conf


I don't really understand that.

It's not specifying which key in the file I'm trying to get a value for. I'm not trying to execute anything in that file, but read the values.
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Dot space will "source" the file.  It's sort of like an include in other languages.

Say myfile.conf has


then in your script you can do:

. /etc/myfile.conf

echo "var1=$var1"
echo "var2="$var2"

Perhaps I've misunderstood your requirements, but I think that's what you were after.
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use the following function

function getConfigValue {
 local key=$1
 local file=$2
 [ -n "$key" -a -f "$file" ] || return
 perl -ne "print \$1 if (/^${key}\s*=?\s*(\S+)/)" $file
value=$( getConfigValue keyName /path/to/cfg.file )

You really need one-liner?

value=$( perl -ne "print \$1 if (/^keyName\s*=?\s*(\S+)/)" /path/to/cfg.file )

Perhaps take a look at the Config::Simple module http://search.cpan.org/~sherzodr/Config-Simple-4.59/Simple.pm and some similar modules in the "See also" section.