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How do I fix Server 2003 startup screen which is mostly blacked out

Tobelieve asked
I have a really old Windows 2003 SBS Server that on boot up displays the Windows Server logo but it's mostly blacked out.  When the login screen comes up the space to enter the username, password and domain and also blacked out but I can type in them and login.  As soon as it clears the login screen it brings up the desktop just fine.  It's not a performance issue, it's just irritating.  I have switched video cards with no positive results. Last fact - it does the same thing when remoting in.
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This usually happens because you are running out of variable space. Same as virtual memory.

You should try to clean up your temp files. How much free space do you have?
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Probably this here:
The logon screen turns black after you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log on to a Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based computer
Sorry for the delay - I have been trying your suggestions but had to do so very carefully because this is a production server and any mistake would be a major disaster.  It turns out is wasn't a memory issue and the issue didn't happen after pressing CTRL ALT DEL.  I ended up doing a clean up of junk files which required me to do a re-install of the Server OS.  That fixed the issue even though it was not what I was hoping for.  Thanks anyways - please close this request with no solution provided.
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