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HP Mini 110 netbook wireless connection drops

jon_kershaw asked
I recently purchased an HP Mini 110 netbook (Windows 7 Starter), which frequently either has problems finding my Netgear DGN2000 router, or drops the connection. Other computers used on the same WLAN have no issues, the only difference is that the HP 110 uses a Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN adaptor.

I have tried updating the driver from the HP support site, but it seems the installed driver - is current. I understand that some of the features of the Broadcom chipset are designed for use with Linksys routers and I have disabled these.

I have changed the changed the channel on my router, although the Net Stumbler software I used to detect local WLANS did not discover any others on the same channel.

The Security type of the WLAN is set to WPA2-Personal and Encryption type is set to AES.

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try looking into power settings in Control Panel _ Power - advanced options - wireless card. Set it to Maximum Performance both on AC and battery


Thanks for your comment. I've made the change - the battery setting was on minimum power.

I'll test the change over the next two days and then update this question.


Made the change and no problems since - excellent - thanks.