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Taking Backup from ALL Configuration(Cisco 2851)

KherKhere asked
Hi , i have Cisco Router 2851 , now i want know how can i Take Complete Backup from my all Configuration and how can i Restore it if necessary .

Thanks .
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simply,if u are using secureCRT, connect to ur router, and type the following command.

sh run ( but before pressing enter, go to file, log session, it will as you where to save the file and u have to name it)
then press enter, and then press space bar until all the configuration are shown.
now again go to file, and click on log session.
you're done.

when u have to restore the backup, all u have to do , is edit the file and  copy all the content, but u have to now that the encrypted password should be re-entered manually.


Thanks fro your Advice , i now Take backup on my file like session.log now for Restore i must type all

command manual ?
System Admin
First if you have more than one router you should use software to do this for you.  Cisco provide for free “Cisco network assistant” for use with it’s products. It has a single button click that will back up all your router and switches.  It will also like you archive and restore a single or multiple switches and routers.

If you still want to do it manually here is what you do
1)First save you running configuration
    a. copy running-config startup-config
2)Second backup you startup configuration
   a. copy startup-config tftp:[ip adress]/[folder]
3) Third when you want to restore it do the following
   a. copy tftp:[ip adress]/[folder]/[file name]   start-up-config

You can also restore it to your running configuration.

Cisco network assistant can be found on cisco site or through here

Here is a link to solar winds free TFTF server.
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you ale to store locally the image:

copy start flash:
luc_roySystem Admin

yes but it sounded like he wanted it off the router