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Mac OS X Can't be installed on this computer

SiliconeSoul asked
Hello, i try to install Snow Leopard (tried also Leopard disc that i installed previous) on my MacBook Air via WiFi or Lan cable, no matter...it let me choose the language before installing and after that appears a message that  "Mac OS X Can't be installed on this computer" and have to options>>> Restore from backup and restart. Since i haven't used the backup drive before i haven't a backup image, also restarting get me to the same problem, tried to format disk before installing, the same problem. any ideas?
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Did the Snow Leopard installer disc come with another Mac model or is it a general installer DVD? In case it belongs to another Mac model, the installer script may not allow installing it on your MB Air.
Thanks for asking your question with the Experts Exchange. I will be glad to assist you with your question.

The core of this issue would have to start from what version of Mac OS X did you have installed, prior to your attempt to install Snow Leopard. Next, you would need to consider the OS X software disc you are using.
Are you using a restore disc with Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Leopard installed on it? Also, is that restore disc
for another Mac that you may have other than your Macbook Air?

If you answer Yes to either of these questions then that can be a factor, because a restore disc is designed only for the same Apple computer or notebook for which it was designed. So if you are not using the correct restore disc that came with the Macbook, this could prevent you from upgrading or re-installing a Mac OS X software.

Now if you also happen to have Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger installed on your hard drive, you will need to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard first, then if that is completed as a successful installation, run all the updates to get your Mac OS X Leopard to the most current version 10.5.8, and then try to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

If you already have Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard already installed and you are still having issues upgrading to Snow Leopard as it appears you are, and even with the format of the hard drive you are still unable to install the Mac OS X, then you may need to try to reformat the hard drive again.

This time however when you attempt to reformat your hard drive, you may have to perform a low level format which you can select by going into Disk Utility from the Install disc and selecting the hard drive and then select the Security Options button which will give you these options:
• Don't Erase• Zero Out Data• 7-Pass Erase• 35 Pass Erase

The quickest of the lower level formats is Zero Out Data (Recommended)
The lowest level format is a 35-Pass Erase which also takes the longest time, depending on the size of the hard drive size, to format the hard drive.

These are more or less, levels of security for removing secure data completely from your hard drive. But from what you are seeking I think the Zero Out Data would work just fine. I recommend this low level format, because if you have reformatted already and are still having issues with the Mac OS  X installation, as well as using the correct installation discs, the issue may be due to fragmented files from the previous Mac OS still on the drive and possibly hindering your re-installation of your Mac OS Leopard or even Snow Leopard.

These are some initial points for you to consider. Let me know if these are helpful, if not reply back to this
post and we will help you as much as possible.


- Mactechtrainer




thanks for assistance, i called yesterday the Apple Care costumer service and they also sugested to try another install disk of snow leopard or leopard that comes for MacBook Air only. I will try to get another disk today and try that out and let you know the results.

yeah you have to install the MBAir disks first and THEN do an upgrade to Snow Leopard


Thanks, great assistance, it helped me a lot.