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jQuery - Replace text

Luv2Muff asked
Hi, I need a piece of jQuery that that scans the whole document and replaces all instances of "XXXX" with the text contained in the Meta Keywords tag, for example:

<meta name="keywords" content="YYYY" />

In this example all instances of "XXXX" will be replaced by "YYYY".

Thanks, Luv2.
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try this

var el = $('.BodyClass');
el.html(el.html().replace(/XXXX/ig, "YYYY"));

where BodyClass will be a class set on the body of the page



I am using a a CMS and cannot give the body a class, is there a way round this.

Also I do not want to replace the text with "YYYY", I just used that as an an example. I need to replace XXX with the text contained withing the Keywords Meta Tag:

<meta name="keywords" content="YYYY" />
To get the meta tag attributes from keywords you would use this to make it a variable:
var keywords = $('meta[name=keywords]').attr("content");

I wasn't sure what XXX was - is it a specific word XXX or a container with an id or class of XXX? If you are replacing a container with an id=XXX you could use this.

var keywords = $('meta[name=keywords]').attr("content");


Perfect thank you!!

Also trying to change the page title:

$(this).attr("title").replace(/XXXX/ig, keywords_seo));

This does not work, can you tell me what would?

Thanks again.

Are you doing this for the search engines? To the best of my knowledge search engines will not see these. I may be wrong but I wouldn't spend too much time looking at jquery to do the job... you'd be better off looking at php.