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Generating a Unique Random Number VB.Net against a View

nomar2 asked
I have a piece  of VB.Net code that generates a random number and this value gets inserted into a row in a table. I use.

.Dim RandomNumber As Long
RandomNumber = RandomClass.Next(1000, 99999)

.no problem ..

Now I find out they don't want use the same number twice.. so I was thinking of creating a view of the table that shows all the numbers so far that was used.. and compare the newly generated number against the view ..if it exists..generate another number..if it doesn't exist in the table..then insert the value into the row in the table..

My view is called vRandom and hold 2 values the Rowid and iRandom

Just wondering what would be the best approach codewide
Any help or insight would be much appreciated..
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Why Random? Why not just the next sequential number? Much easier


Is there a quick function for that?? Thinking about it that..next sequential number would be good..

Try the code bellow, every time you call genRandNum() it will create a new unique random number.


dim lstOldRands as new list(of long)

function checkIfWas(byval randNum as long) as boolean
   for each num as long in lstOldRands
       if randNum = num return true
   return false
end function

function genRandNum as long

  Dim RandomNumber() As Long
  do while true
      RandomNumber = RandomClass.Next(1000, 99999)
      if not checkIfWas(RandomNumber)  then
          return RandomNumber
      end if

end function
oops, this one is fixed:

 Dim lstOldRands As New List(Of Long)

    Function checkIfWas(ByVal randNum As Long) As Boolean
        For Each num As Long In lstOldRands
            If randNum = num Then Return True
        Return False
    End Function

    Function genRandNum() As Long

        Dim RandomNumber As Long
        Do While True
            RandomNumber = RandomClass.Next(1000, 99999)
            If Not checkIfWas(RandomNumber) Then
                Return RandomNumber
            End If

    End Function