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Account unknown in permission at new folder

I have partition D:, there is folder named Pupils, which is shared and there are set permissions for read for all users and full control for administrator. This folder has 9 subfolders - 1.class, 2.class ...
For subfolders are set same permissions as for parent folder.

Now, if I (as administrator) create folder under 1.class and then have look to security tab, I see that Full Control is for Administrators and SYSTEM. There is also user named Account Unknown, which has different SID for each created folder. SID starts with S-1-5-5-0
Owner of this folder is Administrators
Permissions are not inherited from parent folders.

How can I delete unknown user for creating new folders?
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I somewhat doubt that your replication is still working. Could it be that the ADUC console on the other server is actually connecting not to itself, but to the server on which you created the account?
Anyway, what you're experiencing here is a USN rollback.
You can not use ghosting of any kind to backup/restore a DC if there is more than one DC in the domain! DCs have to be backed using an AD aware backup software!
You'll have to demote the ghosted DC (in all likelihood forcefully), seize the roles to the second server if necessary, clean out the metadata in the AD, and then repromote the ghosted machine again.
Check here for details:
How to detect and recover from a USN rollback in Windows 2000 Server


I have only one domain with one server. Unknown user appears here only when I create folder from server's windows explorer. If I create it from my computer using VPN connection, user is not here.
these are the unbresolved security identifiers for users added in the access controll list
when you go to the security tab allow around 5 seconds or longer for opearting system  to resolve
into names

there might be some stale users that never gets resolved should be manually removed
these ids are pointers to the users that no longer exist in the directory
you can safely delete the unresolved SIDs