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Problems with Multisite/JMS2Win

Smoerble asked
Hi all,
I hope, you can help us. The support from jms2win is a shame, their english is even worse than ours (not native speaking) plus the tutorials have crappy english (looks like bablefish translations). I really hope, someone here can give us a hint :(.

We have http://www.domainA.com and http://www.domainB.com (setup described below). All setup seems to run fine, no error messages given, but: if I go to http://www.domainb.com, I see the standard Joomla installation screens. We install Joomla with the same database settings as on domainA, but we use a different table prefix (domainb_)

The installation exits successful, but if you access the webiste, you see the first setup screen again.

Here's what we do:

We run an own server.
We use Plesk and have two domains. http://www.domainA.com as "main" domain, http://www.domainB.com added in Plesk as alias (so it uses the same directory on the server).
If I access domainB.com I see the content from domainA.com .

If I use the hello.zip from jms2win it crashes with a senseless error message:
Unable to create the file /var/www/vhosts/[domainB.com]/httpdocs/symlink_file4c14c72be3f2b.txt
Probably you will need to used the Joomla FTP Layer and the Symbolic Links will be forbidden
... no idea what they want to tell me here... anyway:

We have a normal Joomla installation running on domainA.com
We install module "multisite", successful

We add a new domain: Components -> Multisite -> Manage Sites -> New
SiteID: domainb
Status: confirmed
Owner: -Owners- (no change)
List of domain names: http://www.domainb.com
Every other field we leave as is

It is added, message:
       * The site 'domainb' is deployed.
        * - You can now map your new domain (http://www.domainb.com) to the directory
        * '/var/www/vhosts/domainb-com/httpdocs'.
        * - When the DNS will be updated with your new domain (perhaps you have to wait 24 hours),
        * you will can go to your new domain and Joomla will request you a new installation (as usual).
        * - Please use a new db prefix for each site and NEVER use 'jos' as prefix or if you want to keep 'jos' as prefix, create as many databases than you have sites.
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I don't know how joomla works here, and also don't know how your webserver is configured... But once we had an issue, that our alias-domain had to be set up by hand by the hosting provider.

I can also imagine, that the url rewriting is not 100% perfect, probably it also could be reviewed.

Also the log may help...

I know it is not much, but based on the info I have I cannot offer more now... :(
I never tried this component but did you check for more information on their website forum?