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How to burn multiple copies with roxio creator

How do you burn more than 1 copy of a disc with roxio without having to keep copying the disc 12 times if u want to burn 12 dvds..... etc...
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If you've saved the image to the hard drive you just tell Roxio how many copies you want to make and it will prompt you to put new disks in
Most roxio versions ask you how many copies you want of the disc -- just choose 12 on that screen.  Nero does the same.  It depends what you use.

 I use disc copier, and in the source-destination main screen at the bottom there is a button called OPTIONS -- click that button, and enter in the number of copies wanted, and away it goes.
To do it in Creator, get the project ready, click the big orange burn button at the bottom right, and the screen that comes up allows you to enter in the number of copies just before you burn.  One read, many writes.