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Unwanted title text in Windows Movie Maker

Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy asked
When I created a Title Frame, using the 'Make Titles and Credit' function I had a problem.
I entered the text and clicked on 'Done'.
1. However when I viewed the frame on screen not only did the text which I entered appear, but also some unwanted text (I had used this text for another frame which I had deleted).

2. When I deleted this troublesome frame, I noticed that the Unwanted Text now attached itself to the Next frame. And it continued to move forward when I deleted offending frames.

That made me think the text was not attached to a particular frame, but had somehow got into other components of the Storyboard

(I am not sure I have sent this to the right Experts)
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Which option did you select to create the title? (Start of movie, before slide etc.)

In any case, go to he story board, right click on the slide that shows the title and click "Edit Title". It shows the text that you entered. Then remove it and save.


The option selected was 'before slide'.

I think it is more complicated than editing the title. In fact the unwanted text does NOT appear on the fame in the 'title editing' mode.
Could it be that  the unwanted text is located somewhere along the Title Overlay line. I cannot see it on the Overlay line, but maybe I don't know what I should be looking for.
With Windows Live moviemaker click on home tab first> at the top>Editing > go to select all then edit the text??
Sounds like a setting went global for all the clips on the project board maybe you had not highlighted the first clip. or not highlighted any clips possibly?
 What I would do is start again but when you add the text have only one clip on the story board and then save that as the start menue, then add it in again, try making a black image clip to use as a menue tab so that text goes over the black clip only drop that into the sections where you want to add a text.

Nero Vision is better in my humble opinion simpler and more reliable

I found the answer on Windows Movie Maker Forums.
I posed my issue on that form and received the following Reply:
‘Switch to the timeline view and find the title with the unwanted text on the "Title Overlay" track and delete it.’
I replied to this:  
How do I recognize the unwanted text on the 'Title Overlay' track?
I cant see anything on the track, or perhaps I don't know what I am looking for.
I received this Reply:
‘Try expanding the timeline by hitting the "Pg Dn" key or by clicking on the magnifying glass with the "+" sign on it at the top left of the timeline (repeat this to expand it further). Then go to the time on the timeline at which the unwanted text appears and look for the title at that point on the "Title Overlay" track. Depending on the duration of the title, you might see the text on the title on the timeline. If you don't, double click on the title and that will open the title wizard where you can find the text for the title. Once you find the one with the unwanted text, select it and hit the "Delete" key.’
This worked perfectly