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Grab single value from mysql database with php

Russelauto asked
I'm using the following code to grab and store a value from a table in a mysql database.

  $result = mysql_query(" SELECT email FROM users WHERE username = '$username' ");
  $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
  $email = $row["email"];
It works fine but my question is why do I have to fetch it from an array? Shouldn't it be a single non-array value? Shouldn't the value of $result be the email address?
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the array refers to the fact that there are several different columns for each row.

for example,

$row =
"email": "person@example.com",
"name": "Joe",
"id": 234,

etc, etc.


So then why use SELECT email versus SELECT * ?

It seems like you might as well use the asterisk in all cases...
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If you echo '$result', you'll see that it is a 'Resource' pointer, not the data.  If you have just a few fields in your rows, you can use * all the time.  Some people have many fields in their rows and being specific reduces the amount of data that needs to be moved over  the network and speeds up the transaction.


Thank you for quick the responses.