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Access Denied  Remote Desktop Services Server 2008 R2

TX_SCUBA asked
Every account is receiving "Access Denied"  on my Remote Desktop Services Server.  All users were able to log on yesterday, now even the Admin account receives the error..  Nothing has changed with Local Security Policy or AD that I know of.

Don't know if this is related, but the server's activation is now not valid and is asking for the key again. Message stating the software is counterfeit.  We are using Volume Licensing.
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Resolved the counterfeit issue by completely reinstalling and reconfiguring everything.  Still receiving the deny error.
a couple of questions:
are you able to login to the console on the server? are you sure the server hasn't somehow dropped its membership to the domain?

The activation may possibly have something to do with it.
Also, have you looked in the event viewer? are there are any pertinent errors showing up when a user tries to login? what about the event viewer on the client?

can  verify if the server's internal firewall is not blocking and RDP connections ?
Not sure what the issues was, but after reinstalling because I changed the registry to get profiles to work the OS thought it had been corrupted or counterfeited.  This solved the issue.
Glad you got it resolved.