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Classifieds framework or script suggestion needed

I am developing a new site and need a recommendation for a lightweight, SEO proficient classifieds script that is very user friendly for site visitors. I found two sites that use some kind of scripting that I like, but I cannot determine which scripts are used. So if any anyone recognizes the script please let me know:
spokads dot org
luxuryassetnetwork dot com

I have used Open realty and Joomla in the past, both have pitfalls and are not very friendly when it comes to new listing creation. I need something almost as simple as craigslist. All suggestions are welcome.
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I did some classified site in the past using Joomla and adsmanager component wich is basic and easy to use. http://www.joomprod.com/

I suggest you to try Expression Engine this is very flexible and no need to component or plugin using the main package you can do almost everything.

Or you can create your own classified application this is a good way to learn PHP and MySQL.


I have used adsmanager and would like to get away from Joomla for a more lightweight solution.
I could not find any classifieds sites using  Expression Engine.
There a free one, Noah and look nice

Most of classified scripts are commercial a very few are free.

cheap one

For Expression Engine there is a classified plugin (not tested yet)


Thanks, I do not mind paying for a better product. Will check them out...
Hi, any news?


no news, still looking for a script, resorting back to Open Realty.
Do you use it for RealEstate? or any kind of product?
I guess I am going back to OR, and actually www.orodha.com is the new Open Source solution that will work for me... (and it is free)