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macros disabled

jrb47 asked
The company I am working for has asked me to look at a template they have created for a P&P manual
I am new at working with macros in word.....trainable though!
anyway, I have copied the template into a new directory and renamed it as i did not want the old template to be changed.
After saving it in a new file as another name the macros become disabled.....why is happening.
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could it be, because you have some office 2003 template and then you open it with office 2007 and then you choose save as in a new directory? if it's case, then it will maybe save it as a office 2007 file.


I am saving it to the same system and using the same version.
template copied, template renamed, document opened, (all done in same environment), copied template applied, macro selected and applied gets "The macro can not be found or has been disabled due to your security settings.

Top Expert 2009
This is probably because Macro Security is set too high.  Click the big Office button, then Word Options, then Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Macro Settings, and select the Enable All Macros option.  Close down Word, and when you open the macros should be enabled.


I am now working on this with at my office. The problem I am now running into is any changes I make to the macros are only affecting work that I am doing.  The template does not seem to share between users although the directory listing is the same for each person working on the server.
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