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cant send emails to cox.net

NIDDK1550 asked
I have a client that uses Q.com as her internet provider. She is able to send email to every possible domain that I can think of and receive emails from any domain.

The problem is that none of her emails are being received by Cox.net email accounts. Qwest says that the emails are passing through and of course COX says there is not any problems.

If I send her an email from my COX she gets it but all other COX accounts do not receive her emails.

this did work on Tuesday so i tried a system restore but still the same err. I was hoping that a Microsoft patch came through and screwed it up but the restore didnt make a difference.

I thought maybe she was blacklisted too but not sure what to check for that.

thanks in advance everyone
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Does she get a bounce message or does they disappear ?


They disappear. they are leaving her account and they are not arriving in any COX mailbox.
To check for blaklists, head to http://mxtoolbox.com and enter the sender's domain name. Do both the blacklist check and the SMTP tests.
you may use http://network-tools.com/ too to check if domain is blocked some where .
did you say that messages are sent using q.com as a mail host?
if this is the case your diagnosis has to start there.

If they are being unhelpful, start off by sending an email fto the address below. You should get a reply which includes all sorts of info.


This will perform checks on messages sent via q.com's system as thats where the diagnosis needs to start.
This should show the IP q.com are sending the messages out from. check if this in on a blacklist or post it on here if you want help.


Thank You for all of the replies. I am testing this today and will let you know what i find out.


I want to thank everyone for the help. End result is that we upgraded to Office 2007.

Since I ran all of these tests and since they were all valid tools i am splitting the points between everyone.

Thanks for the help