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I Need to Merge ALL of these into Just H....

I need detailed step by step instructions on how to either delete all of these partiions so that the entire contents of the drive is reflected by the letter  H   or how to merge these partions so that the entire drive is reflected with the letter H.

I have 4 internal  HD in my computer and 2 optical so I need to have:


I already have  C F G    but I want the 500 GB drive that I am showing below to be just H with no data on it and NO other partitions and to be formatted  NTFS


I also have from my computer dealers install  Partition Magic

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Hi 4ubest
I will choose the  "Computer Management" => "Disk Management" way:
1 - Right click on each partition "From I: to U:" and choose "Delete Logical Drive...".  Then choose "Yes" in the dialog box
2 - You will sea a green partition after you delete i: to u: drives which is the "Extended Partition", again right click on it and choose "Delete Partition...". Then press yes in the dialog box.
3 - Delete the H: Drive by right clicking on it and choosing "Delete Partition...", then press yes.
4 - You must see "Unallocated" space with the full size of your HDD
5 - Now create the H: Partition : Right click on the "unallocated" and choose "New Partition..."
6 - Press "Next"
7 - Make sure that "Primary partition" is selected then press "Next"
8 - Press "Next" to accept the default size.
9 - Choose "Assign the following drive letter : " and choose H from the compo box to the right.
10 - Press "Next"
11 - Choose "Format this partition with the following settings:"
       File System = NTFS
       Allocation unit size = Default
       and check "Perform a quick format"
12 - Press "Next" then "Finish"
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4ubest--Giving you step by step instructions for your specific situation would frankly be very lengthy.
However the following page in the left hand column headed "Common Operations" will provide info on how to do almost everything you need.
Unless you want to pay for a version of Partition Wizard offered (or find you need a pay version)  on that site, this is where you get the free (Home) version http://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html
I suggest you read all the links under Common Operations which apply to you before you start.  Also that you back up the data you want to be sure not to lose in each of the existing partitions before starting to merge partitions.
Another very good and free partitioning app is http://download.cnet.com/Easeus-Partition-Master-Home-Edition/3000-2248_4-10863346.html
If you want to use the Partition Magic given to you by your dealer here is a tutorial on it.ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/products/norton_partitionmagic/npmagic_8/manuals/norton_partitionmagic_8.pdf
(Did the dealer not give you a manual?)
Because of your disk is the first disk you may not be able to delete first partition "H:" if so you must
Use the  PartitionMagic 8.0 :
by deleting the "Logical Partitions" (from i: to u:) and then resize  H: to full HDD size then reboot the system to apply the changes from dose (All done by Partition Magic) so here what you do:

To delete a partition :
1 - Right click on each partition "From I: to U:" and choose "Delete...".  Then make sure that "Delete" radio box is chosen and press "Ok" .
2 - Right click on the cyan BORDER and choose Delete then Ok

After deleting all Logical Partitions and the Extended Partition "using PartitionMagic or Disk Management " :

3 - Right click on the H: partition and choose "Resize / Move ..."
4 - In the "Free Space After : " Put 0.0 MB
5 - Press Ok.
6 - From General menu choose Apply changes
7 - You will be asked to reboot your system so for changes to be applied.


mhmr,,,  Partition Magic 8 when I was doing that was putting a large amount of the drive in "unallocated" and I could not do anything with it so I simply hit undo for all of them and my partitions are as they were.

What could be wrong.. I think since I started with U and worked my way up to I that may be the answer but I do not know ??

What I am trying to do is prepare my computer for the dealer to install Windows 7 professional but first he will do a image with Acronis professional  and then restore it at the appropriate time so I can run in Windows XP mode if I need to.

Sorry, but what you mean "was putting a large amount of the drive in "unallocated""  ?

when you delete all partitions "except first 1 (H:)" the "unallocated" will be the sum of all partitions you deleted. I think that is what you want.

after that you have to "Resize" the first one (H:) then you will have the 500Gb HDD as one partition

of course when you make undo all changes nothing will be applied so when you are satisfied with the result you must hit "apply" then PM8 will ask you to reboot to save your changes.


OK when I picked the new size I wanted instead of giving me the option of 465GB it said max size of H was  181GB  and that is why I thought I did something wrong
now i know why it said the max size of h: is 181Gb
because H: system is FAT32 So you need to convert it to NTFS first

just right click on H: and hit convert then choose NTFS radio button and hit Ok
then you can resize it to the size of the HDD


Do I convert all the partitions to NTFS before I delete them or do I delete them and leave only H and then convert H to  NTFS ?

No. no need to convert before you delete.
just delete them and leave only H and then convert H to  NTFS , and resize it.


mhmr.. it shows and says this.. what do I do now   or did I miss a step  ?

No problem with this message
you can before apply make the H: active or it will be active when they install any system

to make it active :
right click and choose "Advanced" -> "Set Active"


Since H is the first drive.. Disk 1    If I make it active would the computer then not be able to boot because the C drive with the Operating System  is Disk 5 or 4  ???

What happens if I do not make it active ?

i recommend you to make it active AND don't delete it "just resize it" and you are done.


I am taking computer into dealer today to install Windows 7 Professional after ghosting my current XP system.  I will have him use the partition magic software as I am still unsure of all the messages as I do not know what making the partition active means since it was working very well before I started partition magic and I do not know why it would have become inactive.   Thanks for your tryiing to help.