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Short key to select multiple docs in Lotus notes database

VamshiKorde asked
Hi Experts ,

I have ton of docs to be selected in a lotus notes database . I need a short key to select all of them . For ex - In excel i can choose a row and use ( CTRL + Shift + down arrow ) to select rows below my selection . Similarily I need something in lotus notes to select the docs from my selection downwards .

note - I can use CTRL + A to select all docs , but i doesn't help me as I'm trying to select docs from somewhere in the middle .

Thanks in advance
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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

AFAIK such a key combination isn't available, except for the space bar...

How to select many documents then? Set up full-text searching and search the database for the documents you want, then select all using Ctrl-A.

Shift-Left click.
Make sure you have selected a document. It should be highlighted and have a check box in the selection bar. Click the selection bar next to the last document that you want to select. Everything will be selected.
I have notes 8 but I am certain I have done this in 7.
Also, you can write an agent of type document selection. To do this, create an agent, and select it to be of type Formula.  In the lower right corner appears a dropdown menu with Modify documents selected, there choose 'Select documents in view'. Then write your selection expression.  

Please report back on the results


I created an agent but I don't know what to write in that . Can you also give me a basic understand what an agent does ?

Back to jjphardy - shift + Left Click didn't work in Lotus Notes 7
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Did you try full-text searching before you start your adventure into agents?
The agent should contain a selection formula, just like a view selection formula.  E.g.
SELECT Form="TheForm" & Status="DestroyMe"
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Hi VamshiKorde,

Did you accept the best answer to your question, or just the last one to get the question closed? Did you even bother to look at full-text searching??
Hi Sjef

Is it me or are peeps getting lazy about giving feedback...
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

I don't think it's that. I assume VamshiKorde has yet to discover the full potential of a Notes client... I can only hope he's reading the manuals right now.
Please read the Notes designer help:
as much as possible from:
- Application Design
- Application management
- Programming overview

- Formula Language, Rules and Coding Guidelines
- LotusScript, as much as possible

Used to be you could order these as Yellowbooks (akin to Redbooks), and I have them form both 4.6 and R5.  There something about leafing through a paper book that cannot be replicated by a computer screen.  Also, you do not get disturbed by IMs or emails...  if you can get your hands on these books, I would suggest you look at them.
They still contain a lot of the core knowledge.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

I absolutely agree on the good old yellow manuals, I think I read them at least 2 times over, from start to finish. It's a pity I didn't nick a set of those when I left my last employer...

By the way, the murky details of full-text searching are NOT in the Designer manuals, but in the User manual. See the User Help database.