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When does a DBMS become necessary/very useful to use in conjunction with ArcGIS? (rather than doing everything with ArcGIS)

figmit asked
All GIS work I have done has been in a non- team atmosphere. I usually use just ArcGIS to manage tables without also seeing the data through something like MySQL or Access. It seems managable - it is very possible to setup a whole spatial relational database without ever leaving ArcGIS software. I am wondering what is the big advantage to leaving the ArcGIS environment to accomplish such a task? I assume that using a DBMS in conjunction with a GIS system is something that becomes more worthwhile/ useful / time saving when there is more than 1 person working on the project? Am I right in this assumption? Are there any other factors at play? Any insight greatly appreciated!
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Most of systems are using DB Engines to store data. Sometimes it is better to use DBMS for some operations with database: backup, restore etc. Also sometimes you need additional possibilities (reports, for example), which are not included in your shell.
External access to you DB should be used very accurately, as there is risk to corrupt data.