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Backup Solution Suggestions

I have several web hosting servers with different types of panels (including those without shell/ssh access) that I need to have backed up on a daily base. I've researched several products that supposedly would help automate the process, but haven't had any luck and may have to resort to manual backups. Also, the mysql servers do not allow remote access as well.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a backup solution that would work, regardless of the host, that I can throw the ftp and sql files on to. I also need suggestions on what type of backup server from which company to use as this would be greatly appreciated as well.

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I use Amazon S3 for this sort of backup. Almost every provider will gove you access up and down to S3 as you can store content on it. There are a number of Linux clients (some of which might even integrate into you cpntrol panels), and for Windows I use JungleDisk, with the 'legacy' back to copy everything up to a webdav folder. This means standard apps can access the same S3 'bucket' from anywhere to pull those backups down in case I need to restore to another location.

Backup script for Amazon S3 using cPanel backups, encryption, and logging :

A List of Amazon S3 Backup Tools:
are you looking for external hosted backup solutions or hardware/software offiste?

As an aside, SQL is much easier to backup if you set a SQL job to backup the database to a file on the server as this backup runs as part of the SQL system.
When running your main backup, backing up this 'SQL backup' file is much easier to get working that backing up via the SQL instance as its just a file than any backup system can access.

It has widgets for mysql (and oracle and exchange for that matter) and can work remotely.  You can roll your own (free) or their support is very reasonable.  Depending on your access to the remote locations you might have to do some ssh tunneling but the actual setup for amanda is very quick and simple.

Amanda can also be configured to backup to an Amazon S3 Cloud solution if that is the right solution for you.



Sorry, even though none of these really work, I feel that all should receive points.