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Issues after removing SMS 2003 Management point

net1994 asked
Hi All.  We have a child site, Site C which acts as a proxy-MP and a DP. It also serves as a CAP /Site Server/Component Server.   We must remove the MP role and I just did this on the central site console. We will then re-assign all of site C's clients to the parent site, Sit B by adding the Site C subnet to the Site B's boundaries.   The site C DP must remain for SMS clients at site C.    Is it that simple?  I checked on the Site C IIS server and it removed all SMS roles for the site.  

Do I need to do anything else to finish this? Any other cleanup?  On the central site console I am getting errors in component manager for site C:

Error 4192:  Systems Management Server cannot update the already existing object "cn=SMS-MP-SiteC-SMSC01" in Active Directory.

Possible cause: This site's SMS Service account or the site server's machine account may not have full control rights for the "System Management" container in Active Directory
Solution: Give the site's SMS Service account full control rights to the "System Management" container, and all child objects in Active Directory.

and a few minutes later:

Error 4195: Systems Management Server cannot delete the object "cn=SMS-MP-SiteC-SMSC01" in Active Directory.

Do I need to manually delete AD objects in the 'System Management' container?  Any suggestions?
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If you are publishing to AD please read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/830022 
removing the MP is that easy. Check the MPSetup.log for the deinstall status
it should look like this

<04-15-2010 14:34:55> MP Setup Started....
<04-15-2010 14:34:55> Parameters: D:\SMS\bin\i386\MPsetup.exe /deinstall /siteserver:LXXXXXSMS
<04-15-2010 14:34:56> Deinstalling the MP
<04-15-2010 14:34:56> Enabling MSI logging.  MP.MSI will log to D:\SMS\logs\MPMSI.log
<04-15-2010 14:34:56> Deinstalling Management Point, with product code {XXXXXXXXX}
<04-15-2010 14:38:17> MP.MSI deinstall exited with return code: 0
<04-15-2010 14:38:17> Deinstallation was successful.
<04-15-2010 14:38:17> Removing MP Registry.

If you continue to have issue you may be better off deleting the site and reinstalling it as a new secondary site and only using it for the roles you need.