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Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet pc how to re-install Windows XP

I have a customer who has asked  me to reinstall his Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet pc model ST4121.  .  I can only find the 2005 version of the software available as a torrent and I'm not sure if that will work with his licence key as it looks like it was NOT the 2005 version that he had originally, though he doesn't know for sure.  Someone else reinstalled Windows XP (not the tablet edition) and now the screen and the pen dont work.  I tried installing those drivers with the existing version of XP but it didn't work either.    I was going to try to load the 2005 version of Windows XP Tablet edition which I did find as a torrent, but there is no floppy drive and I do not have an external CD/DVD drive that I can use.  Can anyone advise
a.  if I must use the non-2005 version of XP Tablet edition and therefore
b. where I could get it from and
c.  how I can install it without CD drive or floppy?

thanks in anticipation
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Floppy disks? Assuming you could even find an O/S on floppies just how many floppies would it take? 200? 300?  ;-)

Your best option is to get an external CD/DVD drive. A 2nd option is to image the install CD and burn the iso image to a flash drive so you can boot from it.

Torrent downloads for operating systems are very questionable at best and probably illegal.

Have you contacted Fujitsu?
Surely they have a re-installation CD available.
Here is a link to your Users Manual: http://solutions.us.fujitsu.com//www/content/pdf/usermanuals/pentabs/ST4000Active-Web.pdf
It's an older release of Tablet Edition as the copyright is 2002.
I'll bet the other guy wiped out the recovery partition that was on the drive when he installed XP Home and Home won't support the tablet functions.  Pro would or that 2005 Tablet Edition; but, a valid key is a different problem and the one on the unit probably won't work.
You are going to need to have an external CD/DVD drive that is recognized by the model's BIOS (do not assume USB will work on that old of a model) unless you can shrink the pertition on the drive, create a new small one, and put the Windows installation files on it.  This will let you do that: http://partedmagic.com/
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I agree that you will have to get a USB DVD Drive and ask your customer for the recovery DVD he got with the system, according to the manual it should have been supplied with the System (check the Link below):


But also, it seems that the original OS with that PC wasn't windows XP, but rather Windows 7.

If the customer has lost his recovery DVD, then I agree with the above, you should get in touch with FS and they should ship a recovery DVD to you (although it won't be free, it'll still be cheaper than getting the retail OS).

Depending on how the recovery DVD works (if it is like a standard Windows installation DVD it should be no problem, but if it is an image restore system, it probably won't work this way), you could also use a USB stick to get the OS installed. For that check the instructions in the Link below:

The manual for the ST4000 series Tablet PC references Windows 2000 & XP.

It also states the O/S is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.
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if you totally killed all recovery partitions I can recommend you to install http://en.opensuse.org/Live_USB_stick
It is colourful enough, works from 1GB USB, should it make your eye happy use it as it is free.

I would suggest you to ask at your work to generate corporate image for your edition (sticker on back of tablet)
I am not sure if generic retail XP installs with tablet serial
If you know any other similar installation you can rip disk image to have preactivated recovery  image for exactly that model.
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PS SuSE has memory and disk tests inside live image, so you can test RAM and check disk SMART status.
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It's strange, when you enter the model st4121 you get a list of 3 manuals, one of which is a recovery manual for Windows 7, but if you go to the driver downloads, it defaults to XP.

Anyway, there will nevertheless also be a Windows XP recovery CD or DVD which the user should either still have or which should be order-able from FS. The difference is that you can't use the same method to create a USB installation CD or DVD I mentioned above. That'll only work with Windows versions from Vista onwards.
If you don't want to go through the cost of a replacement OS disk, then install Win7.   I did it with my Gateway tablet.  Works fine.  Definitely need to be able to boot from a DVD drive.  Consider an external USB.
It appears that XP Pro with Service Pack 2 also supports Tablet PC functions.

Microsoft says "Because Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has specific hardware requirements, it can only be obtained pre-installed on a Tablet PC computer. You cannot buy Windows XP Tablet PC Edition separately.
There is a lot of info on that page.

As I said earlier, your best bet is to get/use the Fujitsu re-installation CD with an external CD drive..
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From my experience in re-installing a IBM ThinkPad X40 (Tablet PC edition), there are two CDs for Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 edition. The first CD is the XP setup disk whereas the second CD is the setup disk for Tablet PC.

Besides, the software you got from torrent is not reliable as it may contain malware inside which is difficult to remove.


Useful help from the 2 experts I have awarded points to.  My customer doesn't want me to spend much time or money on this Tablet because he says it's old and not worth it, which I tend to agree with.  I was asking the experts to cut short my research time which they have helped me do.  Now I just need to try installing Windows XP SR2 and hope it works with the licence number I've got !!
Thanks to all.