Could anyone tell me what c/o is?

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Hi there;

Could you download the file in the link:

The file is on your right hand side as "Application for residence permit for students and doctoral students". There is a c/o section in the file you download as pdf. Could you tell me what abbr. is?

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It is an abbreviation for "care of"
usually used for a temporary mailing address.
So what should I write the c/o section? I mean I already filled the other boxes in that "latest address in coutry of origin" section.
So, care of John Doe?
Leave it blank.  You could put in N/A or NONE if they really don't want anything left blank.
Retired considering supplemental income.
It simply means to send it to someone besides you who will see that you get it.  For example, if you wanted to have it sent to your father if you were unsure  where you would be:

Your Name
c/o of your father
your fathers address
your fathers city

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