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DMZ with single WAN IP on SonicWall TZ-200?

slugovsky asked
Hello all,
      Im using Sonicwall O.S. and was wondering if it is possible to bridge or otherwise connect my WAN interface to a DMZ interface for the purpose of putting up a webserver that I want to keep isolated from the LAN segment.  This would be easy if I had several IPs available but currently only have 1.  I suppose port fowarding the WAN ip to a LAN ip is one way of doing this, but honestly it kind of gives me the willies.  If possible, Id like to map the WAN ip to a DMZ port and assign the WAN ip to the server and have it respond to port 80. Can this be achieved with Layer 2 bridging between the 2 interfaces?

Any help is appreciated!


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You can do that, but did you mean a TZ-210?  Setup an interface on the sonicwall and configure it with a separate IP network from that of your LAN.  Utilize the Public Server Wizard to setup the proper port forwarding.  You can configure your sonicwall to allow access to the public server directly without having to go out to the Internet > back through the WAN interface > to the DMZ.  If you feel that's more secure, then you can configure it that way too.

I have included a pdf that might help.  Please let me know if you need additional steps or have questions about the setup.


Worked PERFECTLY! Thank you so much for the info!!!
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Great!  Glad I could help and thanks for the points!