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ESX 3i VM suspended during snapshot and not booting

Hi experts ;

While i was taking snapshot from VI client my virtiual machine suspended and not booted anymore even though restarting my physical server. I am unable to cancel operation from recent tasks tab neither from right click nor by reboot. Also resume , shutdown and reboot options for the VM seems passive.In the events tab it says something like "Vmware Fusion Unrecoverable error: (vmx) Unexpected Signal 11"

What should i do ?
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Try this:
Go to :
/users/<user>/Documents/VirtualMachines/WindowsXPProfessional.vmwarevm/; Right click on same file and select 'Show Package Contents'.
Delete, WindowsXPProfessional.vmss file

(replace "WindowsXPProfessional" with whatever your VM is actually named.)

Please note: that by deleting .vmss file like hard shutdown the physical computer and anything not save to disk will be lost.
Run this command to initiate a hard reset of the Virtual Machine

vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/<UUID of the Volume/<Virtual Machine>/*.vmx reset hard
Ali KayahanFull Stack Developer


it says vmware-cmd not found
Ali KayahanFull Stack Developer


gkhairallah: thanks for your response , removing .vmss file works well but for linux os it should be ;

mv /vmfs/volumes/UUID/VM name/*.vmss asd

UUID : if your not sure about UUID just cd between directories manuallly and get the long most meaningless ID that includes your Virtual Machine.
Ali KayahanFull Stack Developer


Thanks a lot ! saved my day (:
I was under the impression that you were using VMware ESX / ESXi since you had mentioned VI Client in your initial question. The next time you post a question, please post what VMware software you are using.
My impression was that he's under vmware fusion.. in which case, the location of the vmss should be within the package contents of the VM itself.... (on Fusion, assuming it's a Mac, it would be in the path I had given...)
Oh well, either way, the concept is the same across the board, so I'm glad you got it resolved!