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Video Card Fan Running Full Throttle

DVation191 asked
Just put together a new system and picked up a VisionTek HD 5770 video card. For some reason, the moment I turn on the machine the fan on the GPU runs full blast and it's very loud. I know it's not overheating because it happened since the day I built the machine and well as being off for hours before trying again.

I'm not noticing any other problems in this system. The card does have the 6-pin power slot on the back of which my power supply has a PCI-X connector for.

If I go into the ATI Control Panel it actually shows that the fan is running at 35% and the temperature is 45 C. If I enabled "enable manual fan control" and boost it to 100% or put it down to 0%, I don't hear any difference in noise but the app reports that the fan changes do occur.

I've since put my old GeForce 7800 GT card back in and connect the PCI X connector and it's finally quiet again.

I have a ticket open with VisionTek but wanted to see if anyone here could offer any guidance before they respond.

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some GPU fans are not changeable to throttle the fan.

if the fan is used try blowing out the fins/heat sink also. if it's gummed up with crud that can cause the fan to mis-read the temp and cause it to run hotter than normal and louder.

also if it has a 6pin power connector that should be connected.


This gpu was brand new out of the box, so dust isn't an issue yet. The 6-pin is connected. I tried disconnecting it and the system wouldn't display anything so I know it's receiving power.

sounds like a faulty card...have you updated to the latest drivers? i know it has fixed some bugs with this range of card with the latest release so that may help if you are not running 10.5 it may be worth a try.

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Both ATI Control Panel and SpeedFan address the fan controllers through hardware so should be driver independent.
VisionTek may suggest a firmware update for the card but I would suggest you go for an RMA and exchange it for a different card.
I would go for an RMA, I have the VisionTek HD 4870 and the fan only goes full speed on boot up then goes to 20% after that.


VisionTek determined that the card was faulty and I exchanged it with a new one from Dell. Thanks guys.