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Problem with Sharepoint 2010 workflow activities firing


I'm using Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise, Sharepoint Designer 2010.. I have a workflow on an infopath form library.  The workflow sets variables, and creates tasks fine but it doesn't seem to execute the following activities successfully: "send an email", "log to history", "create an item in a list", and possible others i haven't tried yet.  Any ideas?  
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I just tried creating a new workflow and using these actions and they work.  But not in the one I've been working on.  Is it possible to "break" a workflow or do something to cause these actions to stop working within a workflow?  I try to do these actions even at the beginning of the workflow before anything else happens and still no go.
First things first, have you checked out the logs?  Is there something in theer that can help you determine what is going on?  for an easy way to look at the logs try: