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Sync Outlook Dist. group on Blackberry

The boss wants to sync his personal distribution groups in Outlook 2007 with his Tour 9630 (BES 5.0). While everything I've read online says it's not possible, I've watched someone create a distribution group in his Outlook and it synced to his BB Bold (Different Wireless provider/BES/Exchange Server/BB). My 2 questions- A: What is preventing this from working on my Exchange/BES/Outlook/BB B: What is allowing this to work on someone else's network?
We are not currently using the Desktop Manager, but I've tested it and it does not work either. Could it be a policy problem?
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I believe BES 5.x supports distribution list/group.  BB device code needs to be 5.0 and up to get the distro down.

Caveat, you will ONLY see the distro list entry on BB.  when you open the list on BB, it WILL NOT show you its list member.
That was first thing I tried when Sprint released 5.x for Tour 9630.  I can now sync distro list, but only as a pointer.  any update to list membership I still have to perform on desktop.

Hope this helps.


I'll give it a shot, mine was on version 4.7. I'll let you know if it works, thanks!


Thanks for your help. Installing the update from Sprint seems to have fixed the issue with not seeing personal distribution groups on the BlackBerry Tour 9630. I had to wait several minutes after creating a test distro group before they showed up on the BB, but they eventually did. Sent test message and it all worked. Thanks again.