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page file for WIndow 2008 Hyper-V

AXISHK asked
I have installed Window 2008 with 8Gb RAM. I have set a page file to another page with size of 12Gb of HDD space. Within this Window 2008, I will install Hyper-V and host another Window 2008 server. I have assigned 2Gb of memory to it.

So, do I need to specify the page file size again for this WIndow 2003 ? Will there be any duplication if I assign page file to both Window 2008 ?

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Distinguished Expert 2019
The VM needs the page file to handle the guest OS operations, while the main page file deals with the host system's operations.  But for best performance, you should plan the resources to minimize the use of a page file without regard whether it is on the guest or the host system.
Distinguished Expert 2018
The guest OS will have a separate pagefile. Whether you choose to set the size or let the guest OS manage it on its own is up to you (it operates just like it would if it were a physical server) but there will be no duplication. The two pagefiles will be used for different activities. The parent OS and the guest OS are, for all intents and purposes, separate entities so their pagefiles do not share data or co-mingle in any way.
Top Expert 2012
You must think of the VM as another phyiscal server even though the server is not phyiscally installed on hardware it is still a Windows server so you would need to have all the settings the same on the system as you would do on a physical installed server. Most of the time admins look into VMs to hard thinking that the system since it s a virtual install will now work totally different then the system that is installed on hardware but that is not true.

So, to answer the question you would have a page file for both systems.