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What is the difference between VBA and VB.net?

JPiper44 asked

I am confused....what is the difference between VBA versus VB.net??
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VBA is a BASIC based (mainly) procedural language used to enhance functionality of (mostly) Microsoft Office applications.  It is not strongly typed and is interpreted, a scripting language.  Later version support code modules and classes, but it is quite slow.  The main intended use is for end users to be able to manipulate the Microsoft Office Applications and documents to provide even more functionality than out of the box.

VB.Net is Microsoft's latest implementation of the BASIC language to work on their .Net platform.  It is strongly typed, object oriented, compiles into MSIL and further machine code using NGEN or Just-in-time compilation.  It's intended use is to create full applications, for various platforms, web (ASP.Net, silverlight), mobile (Vb.net+.Net Compact Framework), Windows (.Net Winforms/WPF), Windows services etc.
you can create independent application using VBA. VBA is to enhance functionality like it is used for Macro,VBScript (.vbs).

VB.net is used for to create independent application and dll.