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Oracle Fusion Middleware Vs IBM WAS


I need to evaluate and provide a detailed report to our client to decide b/w WebSphere and Oracle Fusion Middleware(OFMW).

Can anybody provide me the following info??

1) Market share of OFMW and WebSphere (V7)
2) Feature Comparison Matrix b/w two products
3)  Functional/Architectural/Integration Advantages of OFMW over WAS 7
4) Factors that force customers to choose OFMW
5) Are there any clients moving from WAS to OFMW


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MI and Automation
You cannot compare the two adequately. Oracle Fusion Middleware is not a product -- it is an entire branch of products. Oracle Middleware includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • WebLogic Suite (incl 11giAS)
  • SOA Suite
  • Developer Suite
  • Identity and Access Management Suite
  • Enterprise 2.0 (Web Center Suite)
  • Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
  • Business Process Architect (BPA) Suite
  • Business Process Management (BPM) Suite
  • Enterprisee Single Sign On Suite
  • Oracle Coherent
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle Web Services Manager
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • lots more...
You can read more on this at:
Personally, I'm an Oracle guy...so let me tell you why I'd opt for Oracle:
If there is a product stack, Oracle will have one of the contenders for market share (or will be in the market for the number 1..2..3 product).
The mix and match days are over-rated. Whilst Oracle too expounds the virtues of their s/w as being hot pluggable with non oracle products, it is the integration of Oracle stacks which is a huge benefit. (e.g. if you have IDM and SOA, and are having trouble getting integrated, ORacle will help you).
The training is great. If you're looking at enterprise level product stack, your company should be an oracle partner (or is throwing money away on licences). With this comes Oracle.com/prtners -- the Oracle partner Network. You also get free Oracle Knowledge Center (which gives you access to Oracle 3000+ online courses free.
Oracle Support. Once you learn how to configure, log configuration, and report your issues properly, Oracle support is terrific. (But you MUST follow Oracle support protocol or you risk having your issues sit untouched).
Supportability - the s/w itself will be maintained for clearly defined period. You always know where you are and when you'll need to upgrade (or if you can risk not upgrading)
Integration - Yes -0 I said this...but I need to say it again. With each acquisition, Oracle re-delivers the last version of the given product stack integrated with many of its existing stack. The best example is the whole host of SOA, IDM, ECM, and BPM/BPA products.
performance - Remember, this stuff all integrates with the number one enterprise class database - Oracle. Performance benchmarks are consistently amongst the best in the world.
Scalability - for enterprise / commercial applications, few databases even compare with the scalability of Oracle
Virtualization - Admittedly, Oracle has lagged a bit behind here, and coupled with its pricing strategy for licenses, virtualiztion has been under-utilized. However, as I understand it, Oracle is/has recently released its own virtualization capabilities, which are more in line with its own product stack. Something a bit overdue IMHO.
Community - there are a whole host of oracle communities out there. OPN, OTN, OUG, ODTUG, etc. which discuss, promote, educate and support the implementation and usage of oracle products.
Oracle PTS Groups - if you are an oracle partner and implement the latest toolsets, You might be able to get on the Oracle PTS list and get free training (I got loads of training for my staff at my previous employer).
Oracle Insight - Oracle will come to your enterprise, listen to your woes and tell you which products will solve which problems. (Yes - an overblown sales call...but if you're in strategic positioning, this is still very useful and gets people talking about what is wrong and where your business really wants to go...instead of simply coping with day to day mundane production issues).
I could go on. Yes, I am an Oracle Evangelist. Yes, I am biased. But I am sure that any product that an opposing vendor has, Oracle has its counterpart. My view is, if you're going Oracle for database, go Oracle all the way.



Very Great jtrifts,

Not only your detailed explanation, but also the response I got from my customer after i have put your explanation in front.

I am also a pro Sun/Oracle guy.

By the way our customer is almost convinced to go for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Product Suite (Starting with a subset)

They have right away asked me to identify the list of topics to take the admin training.

Can you pls let me know the product suite for which we do/need administration and whether oracle provides training. I have the following list and pls add yrs if any (Note: we are not planning for ECM or UCM)

1) WLS 11g
2) Oracle Service Bus 11g
3) IDM Suite 11g
4) Web Center 11g
5) Access Manager and Webgates
6) Oracle Http Server

I can request the Oracle training for the final list as I will be leading the admin team upfront (And you are there to help me out)

Thanks a lot again for you detailed help and hoping to have a long term relationship with you



Hi jtrift,

Pls reply to my question above on the OFM Admin training request at your free time. Or else let me know if need to open a new question for this.

I also wanted to know from you about what is "HotPluggable" in OFM means.


jtriftsMI and Automation
Hi Rishi,
I do recommend that you do some homework yourself too -- go to www.oracle.com/partners or OTN and read through some of the sales materials. (Note: I am an evangelist, but not a salesman...I'm more techie/manager sort).
For training, go to http://ilearning.oracle.com
Nobody does Oracle training better than Oracle, IMHO. Whilst I am in Canada presently, most of my direct experience with Oracle Corporation has been in the UK. Where are you based?
The best courses are probably the expensive in-class, instructor led courses. see www.oracle.com/education
If you're an oracle partner, you get good discounts, make sure you have all your partner details before signing up. Getting discounts is easy, getting refunds is not.
Oracle Knowledge center is free if you are an oracle partner. Get your company partner status, get badged on www.oracle.com/partners and then get enrolled! 3000+ courses free to partners. Some are little more than sales and marketing presentations, others are in depth.
As a partner, you'll have access to "bootcamps". These are good for techies to get hands on with newer tech. I've attended sessions for WLS10.x, SOA 10g and SOA 11g.
Go to oracle open days, oracle develop, Oracle openworld. join The Oracle User Group (i was a member of UK-OUG).
But remember to give back. don't just take from these opportunities. Enhance your knowledge and then share it with others (for example, the advice I'm giving you is fee of charge -- i get nothing for it, but satisfaction of helping someone out...try it...it's good!)
Also...you need to get in touch with Oracle directly. Call them. Oracle is exensive and their sales people, alliance directors, partner managers, etc. all have the carrot to sell you licenses.
Ask them about the Oracle Insight programme and whether they could come and evaluate your site (or your customer's). They produce good material for this and are good at helping identifying your customer's pain points. Pain ponts are where you will sell your business and make your customer happy when you eliminate them.
Best of luck.
If you want further info from me directly, pls email me --
jonathan dot trifts at cgi dot com
(obviously replace dot with . and remove the spaces!)
jtriftsMI and Automation

PS, if you do some research and find a short list of courses (wth URLs) and want some advice on which I'd recommend, I'm happy to comment.... though the disclaimer is that I am not affiliated with Oracle, and I do not warrant my opinion for anything more than opinion. What you do with my opinions is up to you -- though i would ask you to take care in presenting my opinions so as not to appear as if they are your own.


Thanks lot for Jtrifts for detailed explanation all the times.