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MS Win2k8 - VPN Split Tunnelling question

blakogre asked
I RDP to my home server.  On occasion I VPN from there to another location.  If I do NOT split tunnel, I typically lose connection, as one would expect.  So I split tunnel to get around this.

However, if the remote location has multiple subnets, I'm pretty much out of luck.

In the past I've set up a VM on the server, and did the VPN connection from that.  VM performance isn't the best though.

I could also RDP to another box on my network from my server, and VPN from that, however -- also, not as ideal from a performance aspect.

Can I do something with my route table to resolve this issue?  I haven't yet tried that, thought I would run it by you guys.

Local network: 172.16.55.x
Remote: 66.x.y.z
RDP from: 206.x.y.z

I usually RDP from set IPs.  If I add a route to the "RDP from": network, with a lower metric, will that resolve the issue?  
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Raising the point value.

Bueller?  Bueller?
You should add an static route to each subnet in the remote location. That´s the only way
I Modified the metrics of the routes and it now seems to be working fine, on the local client.