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Send Internet To my Branch From ISA

Hello , i have ISA Server 2006 , i want Send Internet to my Branch . now my Branch can Ping my IP Address on ISA Server , but my problem is this Branch can not put my ISA IP Address in them Gateway NIC because if they Change Them Gateway then cant Ping my ISA Server ,

in MY Branch i Have a Router, and Client Gateway in branch is Router IP Address .  i want know what config in Branch router i must set to Branch Access to internet Via MPLS .

Thanks .
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Put the IP of ISA as proxy IP in the Connection Setting in Internet Explorer.

Open IE> Tools> Internet Option> Connection Tab> LAN Setting and enter ISA IP address and assign 8080 to the port number
If you are interested in sending browser based interent traffic, then u can add the ISA server IP in the Tools-->Internet OPtions -->Connectios--> LAN Settings--> Prosy server option.

As you have mentioned that from the branch u can ping the ISA server, i feel u dont need to change any gateway in ur branch client system. For systems connectiing directly to interent for any updates or so, there mut be route avaliable.

From the Branch office system trace to google.com and see the result. See if its reaching the main office devices

the default route in your branch router needs to be the main office router, where u hve the MPLS termination.

I feel u hve posted this query twice.