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Ubuntu 10.04 - cannot install Wine

I am unable to install Wine to Ubuntu 10.04
I added software source and then run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install wine, but it does not work.
Terminal says that wine depends on wine1.2 and it asks for two packages which cannot be installed.

How can I run Wine with Ubuntu 10.04?
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Uninstall old wine and install the wine-12.

Ref: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1471920

Regards, Tobias


I tried it, but it does not work. I do not have Wine installed yet.
Can you show us some screen dumps with the error messages you get?


I do not have Ubuntu installed. I tried it from Live CD. Errors look like this:
sudo apt-get install wine
Wine depends on this package:
E: Broken packages
sudo apt-get install wine wine1.2
Wine1.2 depends on these packages:
There are some packages, where is written that package is not installable
E: Broken packages
aha. I'm not sure you can install Wine running in LiveCD mode. I'll have to test it myself!

Which Windows program are you trying to run in Wine?


First I am trying to install Wine, then I will try to install MS Office.
ok. I've booted the 10.04 LiveCD.

The answer is that Wine doesn't work with the LiveCD. You'll have to install Ubuntu to the harddrive to test it. You could run Ubuntu using Wubi (included on the LiveCD) without destroying your Windows. Then you can uninstall Ubuntu by using "Add/Remove programs" in Windows.