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how to reset the password in weblogic console in WL.10

mac_g asked
any one can please advice the steps how we can change the password for weblogic admin user through console.

if this is not possible, please advice any alternative approach.
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I found the following info on the web for you:

  To change the password follow the steps  
Step1). open a Command Prompt and then run “setDomainEnv.sh” or “setDomainEnv.cmd”.  
Step2). Just for Safety Take a Backup of (C:\bea103\user_projects\domains\7001_Domain\security\*DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift*) file, because in the Next Command which we are going to run is going to Create a New File “DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift”.  
Step3). In the Command Window Move inside your Domain’s Security Directory, And then Run the Following Command:  
Example: C:\bea103\user_projects\domains\7001_Domain\security>java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount newAdmin newPassword .  
Syntax: java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount <NewAdminUserName> <NewAdminPassword>  
NOTE:- There is a . (DOT) at the end of the Above command which represents the Current Directory. Here you can see that after this command Executes A new “DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift” file will be created in the Current Directory.  
Step3 (For taking backup of other user profiles)  
A).  Login to Admin Console  
Security Realms—> myrealm(Your realm Name)—> Migration(Tab)—> Export (Tab)  
Here please provide a Directory location for “Export Directory on Server:” TextBox (Example: C:\UserData)  
Click on “Save” button…you will find that in the Directory which you have specified you will get :  
Step 4). In the Same command prompt Move inside the admin Server folder inside your domain. And then Just remname the “data” folder to something else ….like “data_OLD” this is a way of taking safe backup.  
Example: C:\bea103\user_projects\domains\7001_Domain\servers\AdminServer> rename data data_OLD  
Step 5). Now Similarly rename the boot.properties as well to an other File.  
Example: C:\bea103\user_projects\domains\7001_Domain\servers\AdminServer\security> rename boot.properties boot.properties_OLD  
Step 6). Now start The Admin Server.  
While starting it will ask for the UserName and Password to be entered as we have not created any “boot.properties” file at present.  
————> At the End Login to Admin Console with the New Useraname and Password—–> Check the Users in Security realms …you will not find any user with name “weblogic” There….  
Step 7).  To import other User Data back Please do the following:  
Login to Admin Console  
Security Realms—> myrealm(Your realm Name)—> Migration(Tab)—> Import (Tab)  
Now provide the folder Name where u have all the above files:  
This should work.  
mac_gAdmin - Middleware Servers


Thanks for your efforts.

I will check this and let you know the update.